I have been developing (with quite a bit of help) the site It's almost finished at the time of writing.

Described as an "Epic site" , it take the opposite philosophy of building a 'minimal viable product' (MVP) and instead is built using the 'Bells and whistles" (BaW) philosophy!

The site Itself has been designed to help mountain-bikers find good trails to ride. It includes mapping and social networking aspects and is entirely built with Drupal! Users can search for trails using a map and then (if they are a member) - download the trails for use on their phones, or other gps device.

This has been a project of passion for me and has been a long time in the making. Initially, I hired help to get the basics built. But now I only get help for the particularly technical aspects, or the jobs which are low cost. The rest of it I have done myself. As I have learned more I have done more and now some of the most interesting aspects of the site have been authored by me.

If you are looking for help with web development - as you can see with this project I have experience creating rich and unusual sites. is not an everyday site and while I will not do all the work myself I know what is involved in commissioning a site of that scale. Please contact me if you want to do the same.