Proposed sub-division requiring aerial footage

This project is a project from 6 years ago and shows what was possible even then, with just me a helicopter, pilot, camera fellow and a bunch of software that was and still is amazingly powerful.

The footage speaks for itself, so I don't need to explain all the benefits that a presentation like this can bring to the party.

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Proposed Subdivision

This project required the modelling of new sub-division on a large area of significant visual impact. Creating photomontages for the development application process was essential to the success of the application. While it was only a relatively small area to be developed initially, the client wanted to produce photomontages that captured the full extent of future development planned for the land in question.

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Sports Field Lighting

I was approached to create photomontages showing the visual impact of proposed sports lighting poles and fixtures. The project called for day-time photos and night-time photos.

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