3D Computer Graphics

TechArt Enterprises has been providing 3D graphics for town planners, lawyers and other professionals for almost 10 years. With a background in engineering, I am already comfortable with technical drawings, plans and complex systems. Working as a consulting engineer myself, I appreciate the pressures and perspective engineers have. However, in addition to those skills I have refined my ability to convey meaning through visuals to non-technical people, as clearly as possible.

My 3D computer graphic work falls into 3 main areas.

Everyday visualisations, typically of proposed developments for town planners. Ranging in size from small multi-dwelling apartment blocks, gated communities and up to suburb size sub-divisions. The larger projects requiring a wide variety of photomontages, animations and supporting graphics.
I have assisted tribunals and courts many times now, as an expert witness preparing 3D computer graphics to help understand the visual impact of a particular proposal. These include visual impact photomontages, over-shadowing diagrams and animations. This work requires careful documentation, which can be critical to the success of the evidence during cross examination. I think my experience writing engineering reports comes to the fore there.
Oval light upgrade projects I have been called upon many times now to model the visual impact of sports field lighting if built. These usually require both daytime and night-time photomontages. I use methods to recreate the amount of light put out by lights as they would be seen by a particular camera. While not a perfect scientific recreations of light, they still serve a useful purpose in providing an impression of sports lights at night-time. The day-time renders are often confused for photos of real light poles.
In addition to those services, my clients now trust me for all manner of related requirements. Most projects throw up interesting and unique problems, which I really enjoy solving. My experience allows me to accommodate most unforeseen circumstances. In other words, you may need help with something not listed here, but that doesn't mean I cannot help. Give me a call, you never know I might have the perfect solution for you!

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