Web Development

As it turns out (because of my passion for learning new technologies and working in a location independent fashion) I have ended up with a not small amount of abilities in the area of web development using Drupal.

Drupal is a wonderful open-source (free) tool for creating websites. It has the ability to be turned into virtually any sort of website you can imagine. I should know, as I have been imagining quite a few different types of websites and I have a few big ones on the cusp of completion right now (being July 2014 in case I never get around to updating this text).

This very website you are reading now, I put together using Drupal.

I put together my first website back in 2001, which later became a Wordpress site. Now I have refreshed it, and this time it is built using Drupal. Another old site (which is due to be converted into HTML5) is my virtual online gallery built using Flash. Currently in can be found on another Drupal website I built. (Well, actually I'm still building it).

All that adds up to quite a bit of experience, so it seems I am in fact ready to start building websites for other people. If you like my websites and want my help with one you're planning, why don't you give me a call! It just might be a nice way to earn money.