FDS Services

TechArt Enterprises was born to fill the CFD needs of Fire Engineers. Miles initially started working for a leading Fire Engineering firm in Sydney, then decided to form this company to serve a variety of engineers. That was 13 years ago. Since then Miles has worked for just about every fire engineering firm in Sydney (some of which now have offices all around Australia and overseas).

The typical client for these services is a small to very small Fire Engineering firm with no ability to supply the complex and time consuming services required by larger projects to satisfactorily model smoke movement in and around buildings.

In this capacity I have been a silent provider of those skills behind the scenes. I dovetail my services exactly to the needs of each fire engineer. Either providing a standalone CFD report, or the tightly integrated approach where I work alongside the fire engineer (in a virtual sense) as the project progresses adapting to their needs as they come across problems that require my attention. Usually, the CFD modelling of smoke will guide the solution the fire engineer develops making it a highly iterative process.

The program I have been using since its inception is FDS (developed by NIST). I have been using this program since version 1 (now it is up to version 6!). The program is perfectly suited to solving air flows both indoor and outdoors. As such it also a capable tool for modelling any situations involving those everyday airflows. Anything from pollution transport from a smelly chicken farm to carpark ventilation and air-conditioning needs. I have also successfully used it to model heat transfer problems and radiant heat problems.

If you are a small to very small fire engineering firm, or you have a lot of CFD work and sometimes need a hand to get it done on time, you should really be contacting me. I even help solve FDS problems, and small ones I am happy to help with for free!

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