3D Computer Graphics

Proposed sub-division requiring aerial footage

This project is a project from 6 years ago and shows what was possible even then, with just me a helicopter, pilot, camera fellow and a bunch of software that was and still is amazingly powerful.

The footage speaks for itself, so I don't need to explain all the benefits that a presentation like this can bring to the party.

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Shadow analysis with animation

On more than one occasion, I have produced almost beautiful animations of shadows moving across buildings, gardens and neighbouring properties, which have engaged their audience. Shadows are best understood when they are seen moving, obviously they are never static. Notice how they move slowly during the middle of the day and quickly towards the end, something which is clear in an animation.

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3D Animation

This project is from many years ago now.  However, it is interesting and shows what I was able to do in 2005.

My job was to produce from scratch a demonstration video for an idea that was being researched and funded at the time. The result is shown in the youtube video below.

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Proposed Subdivision

This project required the modelling of new sub-division on a large area of significant visual impact. Creating photomontages for the development application process was essential to the success of the application. While it was only a relatively small area to be developed initially, the client wanted to produce photomontages that captured the full extent of future development planned for the land in question.

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Sports Field Lighting

I was approached to create photomontages showing the visual impact of proposed sports lighting poles and fixtures. The project called for day-time photos and night-time photos.

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