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Techart Enterprises is a multidisciplinary team of one. Working in the area of 3D computer graphics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling and web development.

Significant projects include 3D modelling of a suburb for subdivision proposals. Visual impact evidence for legal disputes, CFD smoke modelling of airports and shopping centres, not to mention carpark ventilation modelling of large multi-storey underground carparks.

Recently, some projects have also been completed in the area of web development; for instance and Lost Boomerang, as well as this very website!

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One website, but at least 3 completely unrelated services!
Maybe one day I'll have a website for each one. For the moment, I trust you can figure out what you're looking for and follow the appropriate link below.

3D Graphics

TechArt Enterprises has been providing 3D graphics for town planners and other technical professions for almost 10 years.

FDS CFD Services

TechArt Enterptrises was born to fill the CFD needs of Fire Engineers.

Web development

This very website you are reading now, I put together using Drupal. Other sites too, far more interesting. I can make one for you too.

Everything else

Just because it isn't listed, doesn't mean I can't help. If you have a project that requires engineering knowledge and any combination of the other services here, please get in contact with me.

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Most of my clients prefer that I don't brag about how I add significantly to their ability to deliver world class solutions. So I'll just say I have the following clients...

Miles From this here website

  • 2 Townplanners in Hobart - 1 in Sydney - 1 in Canberra - 1 on the Gold Coast

  • 4 Fire Engineers in Sydney - 1 in Canberra - 1 in Newcastle

  • 2 Lawyers in Hobart

  • 1 Hobart City Council in wait for it... Hobart

    1 collection of small companies needing little things here and there.

There is no 'I' in team, but there is me.

It really is just me, but sometimes I get help!

Miles McCusker Everything

Me from a different angle Designer

I hire help When needed

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  • Happy to announce that my new site is alive and doing well!

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