Dental Practice Website

A dental practice struggling with a poor stock standard website, made with stock photos and very little design, it had no soul! The original site was not converting Google Adwords very well. I knew as I had helped setup their Google Adwords campaign.

Using Drupal, I designed a new site together with the owner (who is also the dentist). With her dental management and marketing experience and my web developing and marketing experience we designed a new site from the ground up.

The site was designed with a 'mobile first' mindset. It looks good on phones and tablets, but it also functions well at desktop resolutions. (As it turns out, the site actually gets a majority of views on desktop screens, however, the majority of booking requests have come from mobile devices. These trends are definitely going in the direction of mobile devices. The vast majority of websites should pay careful attention to how they look on mobile phones).

In order to capture the feel of the practice, I took many photos there and used them throughout the site. We also injected the personality of the dentist into the website, with a short video of her and plenty of background information.

The resulting website is easy to manage for them, every bit of content is quick and easy to access and edit. Being Drupal based, they will never have trouble finding future developers if I am unable to help maintain it into the future.

It is early days, but early signs are that conversions from advertising is paying off. So far during the first week of the new site, they've had more booking and been busier than ever. Things are looking up for them.

As part of the service I also setup Google Analytics and linked certain conversion goals to their Adwords campaign. The end result is a site that reports to Google the success of each paid advertising click. In turn Adwords optimise the display of ads showing those which result in more enquiries. Over time it will help us to maintain quality advertising and also find bad pages on the website that are causing visitors to drop off.

I can help your business through the same transition, building a new website and setting up online marketing campaigns with visitor tracking and analytics. Drop me a line or give me a call to find out how!