3D Animation

This project is from many years ago now.  However, it is interesting and shows what I was able to do in 2005.

My job was to produce from scratch a demonstration video for an idea that was being researched and funded at the time. The result is shown in the youtube video below.

It was a difficult project as the demands of the client were quite high, while the budget was quite low.  The project involved hiring a camerman, chartering a flight, and building a detailed 3D model of an unyet fully realised passenger jet with an interesting party trick.  It was a lot of work, so I also got help with a few extra scenes which I commisioned, along with the opening montage.  I also had it professionally edited and voiced.  All the glue and every other detail I handled personally. 

The final result received high praise from the clients upon completion. The finished product is in the video below.  I am not responsible for the uploading of this video to youtube, and unfortunately, it has been uploaded with the wrong aspect ratio.  But since it has been uploaded, I see no reason not to use it here.