About me

TechArt Enterprises is the company of Miles McCusker. Everything here is done by me, I hire help when I need it, but typically I am TechArt Enterprises. So it goes that it would be good to know a little bit more about me.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Technology, Sydney and a diploma of 3D Computer Graphics from the then, Computer Graphics Collage (now SAE). In 2001 I formed this company after working in an engineering consulting firm, doing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for smoke and fire modelling for a number of years.

Since forming the company I have operated on a project by project basis. Learned many varied skills and have coped and dealt with many different problems and situations. I have started to broaden and apply those skills to the startup community on the Gold Coast. I have now taken part in a Startup weekend and done a course or two on the Lean Startup philosophy (A Steve Blank Course). As a result, my perspective has changed on how I help my customers, and the sorts of projects I am involved with are changing. I get mentored, but I am also starting to mentor too.

Apart from all that, I also enjoy (when I have time) keeping fit riding mountain bikes. I used to enjoy doing art, glass work and have built a website gallery (currently off-line) where I even sold a piece or two. (Had more time for that before I became a farther!)

I should have (not at the time of writing) links to all my various online profiles. You can see what other things I'm up to on those... and naturally there are the multitude ways to contact me as well. Feel free!
Thanks for visiting - Miles