Everything else

I find myself in a unique position of having an unusual and varied set of skills. I cannot imagine the sort of project where a combination of them are required all at once. Nevertheless it is worth pointing out that difficult and atypical jobs are my forte. Having a significant background in mechanical engineering, extensive knowledge of 3D computer simulation and graphics and also abilities in programming and mathematics. I can bring a wide range of experience and a rapid learning ability to bare on your specific technical requirements or problems. For areas where no experts exist, I can at least provide meaningful advice and research.

More recently, I have been active in the Startup community on the Gold Coast where I have been gaining insights into that culture and the business methodologies so popular today. That includes taking part in the Startup weekends held locally, and also participating in a Steve Blank 'Lean Startup' course. Those have been great fun and insightful, but the experience of pursuing my own endeavours has been even greater, gaining the sort of experience that is hard to get any other way.

Feel free to approach me with your whatever it is that brought you to this site and this page. There's no harm in asking, and I might have just the experience you're looking for!